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Cast of Characters

Goldman Sacks

A Vampire Squid with tentacles throughout the big-money game.

Jon Corzyne

CEO of a brokerage who "misplaced" $1,200,000,000 of customers funds.

Bought Congress

Argues over which mega-bank campaign donor to bailout next.


Locks up its users money for 6 months without appeal.

The Bernank Printer

It prints unlimited amounts of money to give to its friends.

Colombian Hooker

Does the bankers dirty work to blackmail the Congress and Secret Service.


Producer Anthony Gallippi
Editor Ryan G. Poirier
Visual Effects Illum Productions
Voice Dennis Frey
Music Illum Productions
Writers Anthony Gallippi
Erik Voorhees
Stacy Herbert
Arthur H. Britto


Characters portrayed in this film are fictional.


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